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We have HAVANESE babies! Just posted on 3/27/20! 

We only have full Havanese about two or three times per year.  If you are interested in upcoming litters, I will be glad to add you to my waiting list.  Just email me with your name and cell phone number.  All of our Havanese are AKC registered, but are sold on a spay/neuter contract only.

Avana & Tango are the proud parents of 2 beautiful Havanese babies - both boys!  They were born on 2/5/20, so they will be ready for their new homes on 4/1/20!

Havanese are known for their high intelligence, loving personalities, and clownish attitudes.  They have a wonderful, climate-adaptable coat that is suited for both hot and cold weather.  They are hypoallergenic, as well as non-shedding, and are wonderful with children and other pets. Havanese may change colors as they mature, and they usually lighten up (except for the true black color).

All of our Havaneses are AKC registered, so all of our Havanese puppies are AKC registered.  They are sold only as pets (no breeding rights) and are $1000 each.  A spay/neuter contract and a vet reference are required for all of my Havanese puppies. 

SOLD - AVANA'S AKC MALE #1 - This precious silver sable boy is wonderful! He is very outgoing and sweet! He may lighten up some. He's going to Lou Ludlam in GA!

What a sweet little man!

Another picture of Avana's Male #1

SOLD - AVANA'S AKC MALE #2 - $1000.00: This little buddy is a beautiful fawn sable guy! He will most lighten up some, and he's very playful and sweet! He's going to Jon and Annie Croft in MI!

This boy is full of personality and kisses!

Another picture of Avana's Male #2

This adorable fellow went to Alicia Mendez in GA!

One of Candy and Momo's past girls!

Another past puppy of Candy and Momo!

This sweet black/white boy lives with Alexis in NC!

One of Lilah and Tango's boy - He now lives with Mary in FL!

This precious boy went to Lonnie in SC!

This little cutie went to Lynn in GA!

Avana's precious girl went to Hannah in GA!

One of Chacha's past Havanese babies!

What a little sweetheart! She was one of Avana's past pups and went home with Nancy in GA!

This is Brady, one of Candy & Momo's babies all grown up - That is his baby picture on the right!

This was a pictures of Brady when he was about 8 weeks old! His owner, Anika of TN, just brought him to visit me when she picked up him a new friend (Havapoo puppy)!

This gorgeous chocolate/white boy went home with Bob and Lois in Canada!

This boy was one of Avana's past puppies - He now lives with Judy and Mike in GA! He is now known as "Teddy"!

This adorable boy went home with Jerry & Melissa in GA!