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Our sweet little CHARMIN!

Charmin has the best personality!  She's very lovable and outgoing and loves everyone!  She is the daughter of Lola and Blizzard!

Our heavenly ANGEL!

That's exactly what this little girl is - at least most of the time!  She is truly sweet at heart, but has a lot of energy and spunk!  She is the daughter of Opal and Dr. Love.

Our beautiful GRACE!

Grace is a real sweetheart!  She has the attitude that life revolves around her!  She is the daughter of Snocone & Dr. Love!

Our precious PEARL!

PEARL is my little sweetheart!  She has a heart of gold and loves to be cuddled and praised!  She is the daughter of our Dr. Love and Lola (now retired from breeding). 

Our terrific TESSA!

Tessa is cute as a button and has plenty of love to share with everyone!  She is very small (around 13 lbs.) and is the real deal of a great little dog!




My zealous ZHUZHU!

Zhuzhu sleeps with me every night!  She is my shadow and my heart.  She loves everyone, including our cat, Shortcake, and my big dog, Tora.  She is the daughter of Lola & Nemo.

Our silly SNOCONE!

Snocone is the daughter of Lola and Nemo - She has the most outgoing and loving personality and never meets a stranger! 



Our magnificent MOLLY!

Molly is such a joy around here!  She has a wonderful personality - Such a smart and loving girl who always wants to find a new friend wherever she goes!

Our little SUGAR!

Sugar is growing up very nicely, and I'm enjoying every minute of it!  She is full of energy and full of sweetness all at the same time.  

LOVE is a four-legged word!