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LILAH'S BABIES are HERE!  Pictures taken on 7/23/18 (and 7/11/18)! 

All of the puppies on this page are taken - If you want me to add you to my list, please contact me by email with your name and cell phone number.  See our "Contact Us" page for more information.

LILAH and REX are the proud parents of 8 Havapoo puppies - 6 boys and 2 girls!  They were born on 5/31/18 and will be ready to go home on 7/26/18!

All of our Havapoos are CKC registered and are $700 each, except for our Confetti Havapoos (merles), which are $800 each.  Havapoos can change their color some as they get older (just like Havaneses and Poodles), and they may lighten up a little.  All of my puppies are vet checked, up-to-date with puppy shots and dewormings, and health guaranteed.

 "PENDING" means that I am contacting those on my waiting list in order.  "HOLDING" means that the puppy is being held for someone and that the deposit is on the way.  "SOLD" means that the $200 deposit has been received, and the puppy is no longer available.

SOLD - LILAH'S CKC HAVAPOO MALE #1 - $700.00 - Hes going to Anika Boyd in TN! He will be her second Havapoo from me!

You can see all the sweetness in his eyes!

His nose will fill in all the way black soon!

SOLD - LILAH'S CKC HAVAPOO MALE #2 - $700.00: This little black/white boy is going to Kaiya Shannon in FL! (This pic taken on 7/23/18)

He has such a cute baby face!

Lilah's Male #2 is very proud of himself!

SOLD - LILAH'S CKC HAVAPOO MALE #3 - $700.00: This tri-colored boy is going to Nancylee & Wayne Landi in SC! (This pic taken 7/23/18)

I love his tan eyebrows!

Male #3 is a very handsome fellow!

SOLD - LILAH'S CKC HAVAPOO MALE #4 - $700.00: He's going to Caroline Gleason in SC! (This pic taken 7/23/18)

Male #4 has spots in all the right places!

This baby boy makes me laugh!

SOLD - LILAH'S CKC HAVAPOO MALE #5 - $700.00: This little black/white boy is going to Stacey Seltzer in NY! (This pic taken 7/23/18)

Personality plus!

Lilah's Male #5 is posing pretty!

SOLD - LILAH'S CKC HAVAPOO MALE #6 - $700.00: This cute chocolate/white boy is going to Tim Turner in GA! (This pic taken 7/23/18)

Lilah's Male #6 is a real sweetheart!

This boy has hazel eyes!

SOLD - LILAH'S CKC HAVAPOO FEMALE #1 - $700.00: This precious chocolate/white girl is going to Amy Willy in GA! (This pic taken 7/23/18)

This chocolate girl has hazel eyes!

This baby girl has lots of style!

SOLD - LILAH'S CKC FEMALE #2 - $700.00: This black/white baby is going to Donna Helmers in ME! (This pic taken 7/23/18)

This spotted girl has wonderful markings!

This girl loves to jump and play around!

This girl is one of Maybelline's past babies - She went home with MG and Brian in GA!

Playtime is fun at the Gap!

One of Razzle's past babies striking a pose!

One of Candy's past Havapoo boys - He nows lives with Becky in GA!

This little Confetti girl now lives with Peri in SC!

Drailyn loves to come by to play with the puppies!