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I'm SUPER excited to announce that we now have AKC RED POODLES!    

Make sure to email me to be added to our waiting list for them.  All I need is your name and cell phone number by email!!!

"GINGER" - She is my deep red girl! She is very loving and has to be right by my side all the time! (AKC "Gap's Ginger or Maryann" - 15.5 lbs. and 14.5" high)

"PATTY" - This girl is Ginger's full sister, and she is just as beautiful! (AKC "Gap's Peppermint Patty" - 14.5 lbs. and 14" high)

"FUJI" - This little sweetheart is so tender hearted and kind! (AKC "Gap's Apple of My Eye" - 11 lbs. and 12" high)

"CARA" - I really need to update Cara's picture, but this was one taken when she was a baby! She is Cora's full sister (Gap's Carrot Top - 11 lbs. and 12.5" high)

"RAYNA" - Our little Rayna loves to play fetch and is very spoiled (to say in the least)! (AKC "Hearthside's Rayna Leigh" - 7 lbs. and 10.5" high)

"CORA" - My adorable and cute Cora loves to cuddle and play with her toys! (AKC "Gap's Little Red Corvette" - 10.22 lbs. and 13" high)

"TULIP" - Our beautiful Tulip is the daughter of Patty and Deacon! She is super sweet and very smart! (AKC "Gap's Tulip in Bloom" - 15.5 lbs. and 13" high)

"IDGIE" - Our precious Idgie is the daughter of Patty and Harry - She is full of herself and is super smart and cute! (AKC "Gap's Imogene Threadgood" - 11 lbs. and 11" high)

My amazing little "REDD"! This sweet boy is the darkest red I've ever seen! He is AKC and beautiful!

Another picture of our fun-loving Redd! (AKC "Gap's Redd Foxx" - 12 lbs. and 12" high)

"DEACON" - This boy is so smart, beautifully red, and very athletic! He loves to toss the toys himself and catch them in his mouth!

Another picture of AKC "Gap's Top Notch Deacon" (16 lbs. and 15" high)