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Enjoy some pics of our past Havapoo puppies!   See our "Available Havapoos" page to check on availability of Havapoo puppies!

Figgy, one of Daisy & Frito's past babies, now belongs to Paige and Jesse in CA! They say that she is playful, sweet, and smart, and that she learns new tricks in less than a day or two!

One of our Confetti Havapoos, Layla! She is one of Candy and Aztec's puppies and now lives with Gina in SC!

As you can tell, Oakley is enjoying his wonderful life with his awesome brothers!!! He is one of Maybelline's past puppies and now belongs to the MacDonald family!

Reed and Helen in Georgia decided one Havapoo just wasn't enough, so he came back for a second one! This is Daisy and Lucy enjoying the pool!

This is Molly - She is being spoiled by Bill in TX!

Brick, one of our past Havapoos, hanging out at his house in TN with his new owner, Anika!

Kirby is showing off how handsome he is! The Quinn family are enjoying every minute with him!

I've fallen and I can't get up! haha

"Nellie" is thoroughly enjoying her new family, the Hendrickson's! They are loving her and have already taught her how to sit and shake, only after two weeks of having her! What a beautiful family!

Lucy, one of Lilah and Rex's past pups just turned 2 years old and belongs to Donna - Donna says that Lucy loves going to the beach to play ball, and that they have to spell both words because she's so smart!

Tucker, one of our past chocolate merle boys, now enjoys life with the Robinson family!

Look who came to visit me! This is "Clark", one of my Havapoo puppies - He is owned by the Lienhard's in GA! What a cutie!

This little girl now lives with Heidi in GA! Her "grown-up" picture is to the right!

An updated picture of Female #1 ("Ellie Mae")!

Gorgeous Confetti (merle) Havapoo! Rosie now belongs to Pat Budz, and she weighs 13 lbs. at 2 years old! Her parents are Skylar & Momo! She just recently came and got her a second one!

Smokey is the hit of the town! He belongs to Liz Christman in FL now!

Great example of the difference between a full Havanese and Havapoo. Brady (Havanese) is on the left, and Brick (Havapoo) is on the right. Anika got both of these boys from me, and she loves them!

This is Murray, one of Skylar's merle Havapoo pups! What a gorgeous boy who is being spoiled and loved by the Martemucci family!

Bosco is enjoying the good life with the Wolff family! He's one of Maggie Mae's past puppies!

This sweet girl, "Rosie", went to the Bari's - You can see her updated pictures to the right!

Rosie at 19 months old! What a cutie patootie! She loves her groomer and is the star everywhere she goes!

Playtime at the Gap is IMPORTANT! Paisley's little boy is keeping us entertained!

"Milo" now belongs to the Huffman's in SC! He is 6 months old here and only weighs 7 lbs.! He is the son of Kay and Tango!

Meet Otis - He now enjoys his life with Ginger in Maine! He is a wonderful traveler and very smart!

Andy is one of our past babies who loves being spoiled by his mom, Pam! He loves getting together to play in the pool with his good friend, Ruthie (who is a past Havachon from me). I'm so glad they get to hang out together!

Sweet little Rocky enjoying the sunshine with his new family! Rocky is one of Razzle and Tango's puppies!

Cookie, one of our Confetti Havapoos, now lives with Nicole in GA! What a gorgeous girl!

Havapoos and kids go together like peas and carrots!

This is adorable Moonkie, one of our past babies - Annette says Moonkie is the greatest gift in her life!

This is Gabby - She lives with the Jeffcoat's in Tennessee!