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Enjoy some pics of our past Havapoo puppies!   See our "Available Havapoos" page to check on availability of Havapoo puppies!

Sadie, our adorable chocolate Havapoo girl, went to Annette in GA!

One of our Confetti Havapoos, Layla! She is one of Candy and Aztec's puppies and now lives with Gina in SC!

This beautiful chocolate sable boy went home to Deb in CO!

As you can tell, Molly definitely makes taking pictures of her difficult!

This is Molly now - She is being spoiled by Bill in TX!

Even Santa and Mrs. C needed a Havapoo!

This sweet boy is "famous" at a well-known radio station in California! He lives with Sheron & John (and I'm sure he is keeping them all entertained)!

I've fallen and I can't get up! haha

This precious girl went to Gina and Charlie in LA!

This tri-colored boy with the cute tan eyebrows lives with Lori in Michigan!

There's nothing quite like a Havapoo! This adorable baby now lives with Pam in GA!

Look who came to visit me! This is "Clark", one of my Havapoo puppies - He is owned by the Lienhard's in GA! What a cutie!

This little girl now lives with Heidi in GA! Her "grown-up" picture is to the right!

An updated picture of Female #1 ("Ellie Mae")!

Gorgeous Confetti (merle) Havapoo! He and his sister both went to Gina and Charlie in LA!

This is Maize, Moose, & Monkey Deux! They all live in California and are all great friends!

Frodo is now being spoiled by Ferrel in SC!

This is Millie, one of our past Havapoos - She's 6 months old in this picture and lives with Meredith!

This photogenic girl went home to Mindi in Montana!

Cute little "Gizmo" now belongs to the Almeida family in GA!

Maize, who lives in California with the Bellio family, was chosen as "Dog of the Month" on a photographer's website!

This princess went to Lori Brown in GA!

Havapoos are full of personality and kisses!

Maize and Moose all grown-up!

Meet Bruzer, one of Candy & Aztec's babies! He lives with Amanda Cole!

One of our Confetti Havapoo boys - He went home with Shellie in SC!

Cookie, one of our Confetti Havapoos, now lives with Nicole in GA! What a gorgeous girl!

This beautiful baby now lives with Jacqueline!

This is Gabby, one of Monkey and Little Ray's past babies!

This is Gabby now - She lives with the Jeffcoat's in Tennessee!