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3 boys and 2 girls available!

KIWI & BOB are the proud parents of 3 beautiful babies - ALL BOYS!  They were born on 8/22/23, so they will be ready for their new homes around 10/24/23.  Their mom, Kiwi, weighs 13 lbs., and their dad, Bob, weighs 11 lbs. 

PENNY & RUSTY are the proud parents of 6 beautiful babies - 4 girls and 2 boys!  They were born on 8/13/23, so they will be ready for their new homes around 10/15/23.  Their mom, Penny, weighs 10.5 lbs., and their dad, Rusty, weighs 14 lbs.  

They are all color-coded with collars and already microchipped! 


These babies are AKC or CKC registered (on a spay/neuter contract) and will be vet checked, up-to-date with puppy shots and dewormings, and health guaranteed.  A vet reference is required before purchase.  You will receive your puppy's AKC or CKC registration papers AFTER proof is given that he/she has been altered within 8 months from date of birth. 

"HOLDING" means the puppy is on hold for someone, and the deposit is on the way.  "PENDING" means that someone on the waiting list is considering the puppy.  "AVAILABLE" means that the puppy is still available.  "SOLD" means the $200 deposit has been received, and the puppy is no longer available.

AVAILABLE - PENNY'S CKC MALE #1 - "BLUE BOY" - $1400.00: This sweet boy is red with white markings on his chest, neck, and chin! The white markings on the top of his head will likely fade.

Penny's BLUE BOY is doing an exceptional job at judging our tug of war competition!

I love how proud he looks retrieving the toy I threw! Such a smarty!

AVAILABLE - PENNYS CKC MALE #2 - "YELLOW BOY" - $1400.00: This little guy is a lighter shade of red with darker ears and a small white patch on his chest. He has a gentle temperament!

This sweet boy is leading the way onto more fun-filled activities!

"Look guys, NO HANDS!" - Penny's YELLOW BOY

SOLD - PENNY'S CKC FEMALE #1 - "PINK GIRL": This pretty girl is a gorgeous red with white markings throughout! She's very smart and slightly sassy. It's a fun mix! She’s going to A’Lyric in GA!

PINK GIRL captured taking her morning happy zoomies!

Another picture of this girl being her precious self!

SOLD - PENNY'S CKC FEMALE #2 - "PURPLE GIRL": This baby girl is a dark ravishing red! She's the cautious one, as of yet. She's more of an "observe first" kind of girl. I dig it! She’s going to Hailey W. in GA!

PURPLE GIRL likes to sniff before she steps. Haha!

She's quickly mastered the puppy gym!

AVAILABLE - PENNY'S CKC FEMALE #3 - "WHITE GIRL" - $1400.00: This adorable baby is the lightest red of the bunch. She's also the smallest! What she lacks in size, she makes up for in personality!

This pretty girl is absolutely adorable! All sugar and no spice!

It's that cute little smirk that does it for me!

AVAILABLE - PENNY'S CKC FEMALE #4 - "ORANGE GIRL" - $1400.00: This bundle of joy is a beautiful solid red! She's lighter than Rusty, but she got ALL her personality from him! She's hilarious.

ORANGE GIRL showing off her pretty profile!

I love her copper coat! A pretty face, too!

SOLD - KIWI'S AKC MALE #1 - "GREEN BOY": This gorgeous guy is a stunning dark red! He's one friendly and fun-loving boy! He’s going to Tameka!

Kiwi's GREEN BOY showing off his gorgeous red coat!

Another picture of this handsome little boy!

AVAILABLE - KIWI'S AKC MALE #2 - "BROWN BOY" - $1400.00: This sweet baby has is a beautiful blend of apricot with red ears! He is the smallest of Kiwi's boys.

BROWN BOY sporting his beautiful apricot coat!

BROWN BOY is a ball of fun! Friendly, too!

SOLD - KIWI'S AKC MALE #3 - "GRAY BOY": This beautiful boy is a stunning solid red. He has the cutest little face!! He went home with Hannah in GA!

GRAY BOY is determined to find out what's inside this strange toy!

Talk about cuteness overload!

"A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal,

but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel."

Proverbs 12:10