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"DARCY" - Gap's Double Dog Dare

DARCY is as sweet as they come!  She is very small, but thinks she is big!  She is the daughter of Grace (retired) and Olly.

"TESSA" - Gap's Tessa the Snowball

TESSA is cute as a button and has plenty of love to share with everyone!  She is very small (around 13 lbs.) and is the real deal of a great little dog!  She is the daughter of Maggie and Nemo (both now retired).

"QTIP" - Gap's Quit Taking It Personally

QTIP has the best personality!  She's always "smiling" and trying to make me happy!  What an adorable girl!  She is the daughter of Grace and Uncle Si.

"PEARL" - Gap's Minnie Pearl

PEARL is my little sweetheart!  She has a heart of gold and loves to be cuddled and praised!  She is the daughter of our Dr. Love and Lola (retired). 

"PRISSY" - Gap's Prissy of Telfair

PRISSY is a little lady!  She enjoys playing with her toys and being the center of attention!  She is the daughter of our Zhuzhu (retired) and Uncle Si.

"JIFFY" - Gap's Be Back in a Jiffy

JIFFY is very smart and inquisitive!  She has that sweet little "westitude", and everyone loves her!  She is the daughter of Molly & Uncle Si!

"ADDIE" - Gap's Amazing Adeline

ADDIE is an amazing little girl!  She loves to play with her sister, Qtip, and always finds something to get into!  She is the daughter of Grace and Uncle Si!

"MOLLY" - Gap's Molly Mae

MOLLY is a fun-loving, got-it-all-together kind of girl!  She loves everyone and everything!  She is the daughter of Palin (retired) and Dr. Love. 


"SUGAR" - Gap's Spoonful of Sugar

SUGAR is full of energy and sweetness all at the same time!  I need to update her picture, but she has turned out so nicely!  She is the daughter of Betty (retired) and Dr. Love.  

"BREEZE" - Gap's Cool Fresh Breeze

BREEZE is as sweet as she looks!  She is full of energy, but a very loving girl!  She is the daughter of Grace (retired) and Olly.

LOVE is a four-legged word!