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Some of our past Havapoo puppies!

This beautiful Confetti Havapoo girl went to Lindsay McCraw in SC! She was one of Skylar's puppies!

What a precious little black/tan girl!

Short and sweet! Pretty sable colored pup!

This is Georgi Girl enjoying the beach with her mom, Jo Ann Woytek in NC!

This is Georgi Girl again! She is all dolled up after going to the groomer!

This is Georgi Girl as a pup, just to show you how sables can change in color.

One of Bling's chocolate/white babies!

Splashes of color on this confetti girl!

Havapoos are gentle players - perfect for children!

Skylar's boy was very classy! He went to live with Shawn Tidey in VA!

Just look at that adorable face!

Taking pictures in my robe may not have been a good idea!

Playtime at the Gap!

This beautiful chocolate boy, Tanner, belongs to Annie Heater in GA now! He is one of Mia's past babies! Beautiful eyes!

This is Boots, one of Razzle & Momo's past puppies!

Candy's past merle baby went to Cathy Seelbinder in SC!

Blacks are one of my favorite colors in Havapoos - This is my granddaughter, Grae, who was helping me deliver this cute little fellow!

Bailey, one of our past Havapoos (now full grown), is enjoying the day!

One of Monkey's past Havapoo babies!

I love this boy's markings - What a neat puppy! He went to the Woodward family in FL!

One of Maybelline & Little Ray's past pups!

Sasha was Candy & Aztec's puppy who went to Joanne in Ormond Beach, Florida. This was taken not long after they came to pick her up.

This picture is an excellent example of how Havapoo puppies can change a little in their color as they get older. Some keep their color, but some do lighten up.

Sasha turned out to be such a beautiful girl! Havapoos do change colors sometimes, but they usually lighten up. As you can tell by the expression on her face, she is extremely smart and sweet!