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 Enjoy some pics of some of our past Westie puppies!

Crissy & Dr. Love's little "red boy" has a wonderful attitude for life!

There's never a boring minute at our house! All of our puppies are played with and very socialized!
Life is better with a Westie in it! (My Angel enjoying the sunshine.)
Plenty of fun when Westies are around! Wherever you are is where they want to be.
Westies are self-assured, spunky, curious, fearless, and very loving! This is Frida, one of our past puppies (daughter of Dr. Love and Ivy). She lives in Phoenix with the Zenteno family!
Here's Lindy and her mom, Diane! She's one of Zhuzhu's past babies and enjoys the good life!
If you want a humdrum life, then don't get a Westie! This is Standing Bear - He is one of Prissy and Rudy's puppies who now belongs to Eldon and Lisa in FL!
One of Charmin's past babies, Willow, loves going canoeing! Westies love water!

Westies just want to have fun! It's their main objective!

Westies want to be there for every important event in your life - even getting engaged!

You can tell how smart a dog is by their eyes! (my Gracie girl)

Even my Dogue de Bordeaux wants a Westie of her own!

Am I cute or what?

Westies are curious and very attentive, yet loving and loyal!

"But now ask the animals, and let them teach you; And the birds of the heavens, and let them tell you."  Job 12:7