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Update on 6/29/20:  Newborn Westie babies will be made available soon to the people on my waiting list!  

If you want to be added to our waiting list for Westies, please email me with your name and cell phone number.   

All of our Westie pups are sold on a spay/neuter contract only and require a vet reference.

PRISSY & DR. LOVE are the proud parents of 6 beautiful Westie babies - 3 girls & 3 boys!  They were born on 4/21/20, so they will be ready for their new homes on 6/16/20.  Pics were taken on 5/13/20.

Prissy's AKC Female #3 - "LIME GIRL":  SOLD - Marisol Melendez in FL

Prissy's AKC Female #2 - "YELLOW GIRL":  Staying here with me!

Prissy's AKC Female #3 - "PINK GIRL":  SOLD - Hannah-Alise Rogers in DC  

Prissy's AKC Male #1 - "BLUE BOY":  SOLD - Andy Arway in FL

Prissy's AKC Male #2 - "GREEN BOY":  SOLD - Megan Williams in SC

Prissy's AKC Male #3 - "ORANGE BOY":  SOLD - Jama Branham in GA

Effective 5/1/2020, all of our Westie puppies are $1500 each, male or female, and are AKC or CKC registered (NO BREEDING RIGHTS).  My puppies are sold on a pet basis only.  A Spay/Neuter Contract and a vet reference are both required for all my Westie puppies.  You will receive your registration papers after verification of spay/neuter has been received.  All of my pups are seen by my vet, are up-to-date on puppy shots, and dewormings, and are health guaranteed.   

"PENDING" indicates that I am still in the process of contacting people on my waiting list.  If you want to be added to my waiting list, please email me your name and phone number, and I will be glad to add you.  "HOLDING" indicates that the deposit is on the way, so the availability of "HOLDING" puppies is always subject to change.  Deposits are required when the first pictures are taken (usually at 3 weeks old).  "SOLD" indicates that the deposit has been received.  The $200 deposit must be received within 72 hours after the first pictures are posted on my website - either through the mail or through a Paypal invoice.  You do not have to have a Paypal account to use the invoice option.  It will also allow you to use a debit or credit card if you continue without logging into an account.

HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR PUPPY:  "PENDING PICKS" indicates that people have not chosen which puppy they want.  People do not start choosing which puppy they want until after the puppies are weaned.  This happens at 6 weeks old, and at that point, I will color code the puppies with different colored collars.  I will take plenty pictures of each puppy between 6-7 weeks old and send the pictures to everyone choosing from that litter.  It is hard to tell much about each puppy at the first round of pictures (at 3 weeks old).  Waiting until they are weaned will allow everyone to see more of how the puppies will look and also allow me to evaluate personalities, so I can help place the right puppy in the right home.  Choices are made in the order of the picks (e.g., the first pick person goes first, the second pick person goes second, etc.)  Puppies go home at 8 weeks old.

SOLD - PRISSY'S FEMALE #1 - "LIME GIRL" - Shes going to Marisol in FL!


SOLD - PRISSY'S FEMALE #3 - "PINK GIRL" - Shes going to Hannah-Alise in DC!

SOLD - PRISSY'S MALE #1 - "BLUE BOY" - He's going to the Arway's in FL!

SOLD - PRISSY'S MALE #2 - "GREEN BOY" - Hes going to Megan in SC!

SOLD - PRISSY'S MALE #3 - "ORANGE BOY" - Hes going to Jama in GA!

Breeze's little girl went to Sandra in FL!

Breeze's "Orange Boy" went to Meridith in GA!

One of Breeze's pups who went to Amanda Prior in GA!

Breeze's "Teal Boy" went home with Karl Tesch in GA

This little cute boy went home with Alex and Janette in FL!

"Yellow Boy" went to Sharon Hagerty in FL!

Westies just make me want to squeeze them tight!

Some of Tessa's past pups playing around!

One of Dr. Love and Ivy's past puppies all grown up! She belongs to Elena now!

Prissy's pretty girl went to Bunny Gaskin in SC!

Pearl's girl went to Joe and Dallas Shaara In FL!

Tessa's past boy striking a pose for me!

Jiffy's babies went to Ron & Karen in GA!

This is "Chapel", one of Sugar's past puppies all grown up! She now belongs to the Hillis family in TN!

Pearl's sweet girl went to Sunni Lazo in GA!

Crissy's "red" boy went home with the Myers family in GA!

Who? Me? I did NOT do it!

One of our puppies all grown up now! This is "Elvis", and he belongs to Catherine!

Pixie Puff (one of our past babies now owned and loved by the Gaskin family) smiling for her graduation picture!

Charmin's boy went to Juan in CA!

This precious girl is now 4 years old and is one of our past puppies who belong to the Grissom family!

One of Tessa's past pups!

Finn (one of Prissy & Dr. Love's babies) lives with the Hatamaki family and went to meet his new friend, Fiona! Finn loves the moose he got when he left me to go to his new home and wanted it back from Fiona, who loved it, too!

One of Molly & Uncle Si's boys - all grown up! his name is Gatsby, and he now belongs to Beth Rutledge in GA!