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All of Daisy's babies are taken, but I do have more that I will be posting soon!

DAISY & AZTEC are the proud parents of 5 beautiful babies - 3 girls and 2 boys!  They were born on 12/24/19 and will be ready for their new homes on 2/18/20.  I am keeping one of the girls, so she is not posted on this page.  

Poodle sizes are actually determined by the height of the adult Poodle.  This is measured from the highest point of their withers (top of shoulder blades) to the ground.  Toy Poodles are from 10" tall and below and usually weigh between 6 to 9 pounds.  Miniature Poodles stand from 10" to 15" tall and usually weigh between 10 and 17 pounds. 

I do have a waiting list for Poodles, so I am in the process of contacting those on my list.  I do not give breeding rights on my Poodles...

SOLD - DAISY'S CKC POODLE FEMALE #1 - $900.00: This girl is so beautiful! She is a sable parti, and she will most likely lighten up a good bit. She’s going to Renata Brown in GA!

Just look at her sweet markings!

I wanted to take a closeup picture of her beautiful eyes!

SOLD - DAISY'S CKC POODLE FEMALE #2 - $900.00: Adorable dark chocolate parti girl! She is as sweet as she looks! She’s going to Theodore Galanides in VA!

Pretty little dark chocolate spots on her!

She also has the beautiful hazel eyes!

SOLD - DAISY'S CKC POODLE MALE #1 - $800.00: This handsome boy is a black baby! He's cute and sweet, and he knows it! He's going to Elizabeth Daidone in VA!

He has a nice posture and a wonderful personality!

What a wonderful face he has!

SOLD - DAISY'S CKC POODLE MALE #2 - $900.00: This boy is a beautiful solid chocolate boy! He is a little bigger than his siblings, and I expect that he will lighten up some. He's going to Kenneth Lee in GA!

He is very friendly and loves to play (like they all do)!

He does have some beautiful hazel eyes!

SOLD - MIA'S CKC POODLE FEMALE #1 (pink collar) - $800.00: This adorable lady is also black with a little bit of white and also has a brown tint in her coat. Pics taken on 9/20/19. She’s going to Hali in Ga!

It doesn't get much cuter than this!

She is kind and sweet and loves to be held!

SOLD - MIA'S CKC POODLE FEMALE #2 (purple collar) - $800.00: This girl is a little bit bigger than the other two girls. She also has a brown tint to her black color. Pics taken on 9/6/19. She’s going to Christiana Eubanks in GA!

Such a sweet and pretty lady!

She is always under my feet and goes wherever I go!

Kisses are contagious!

Two of Kay's puppies having a great time!

Mitzi's parti boys (from a previous litter) are having a blast!

This is my "Mia" as a baby!

Poodles are extremely smart!!!

One of our past merle boys!