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NEW PICS TAKEN ON 5/21/19!  All of our red babies are taken, but hopefully, we will have more born in the next few months.  Email your name and cell phone number in order to be added to our waiting list!

PATTY & DEACON are the proud parents of 6 beautiful babies - 5 girls and 1 boy!  They were born on 4/7/19, so they will be ready to go on 6/2/19!  These babies are Miniature Poodles!

These babies have been color-coded with collars (and are also microchipped).

I can't tell you how excited I am to announce we now have RARE AKC Red Poodles!  The Poodle breed is #2 (to Border Collies) out of all breeds as far as their intelligence.  They learn very quickly and have a human personality - Not only are the red poodles beautiful, they are hypoallergic, non-shedding, and wonderful with children!  These babies are AKC registered (on a spay/neuter contract) and will be vet checked, up-to-date with puppy shots and dewormings, and health guaranteed. 

"HOLDING" means the puppy is on hold for someone, and the deposit is on the way.  "AVAILABLE" means that the puppy is still available.  "SOLD" means the $200 deposit has been received, and the puppy is no longer available.

Toy Poodles stand up to 10" tall and usually weigh between 6 to 9 pounds in general.  Miniature Poodles stand 11" to 15" and usually weigh between 10 and 17 pounds.

SOLD - PATTY'S AKC MALE #1 - "BLUE BOY" - $1500.00 - He's going to Jordan Kooima in IA!

Patty's only boy is a real cutie!

Another picture of Patty's Male #1

SOLD - PATTY'S AKC FEMALE #1 - "PINK GIRL" - $1500.00 - She's going to Jerry & Pat Beardsley in GA!

This pretty girl has excellent form and grace! She and the "TEAL GIRL" are about the same size.

Another picture of Patty's Female #1

SOLD - PATTY'S AKC FEMALE #2 - "PURPLE GIRL" - $1500.00 - She's going to George & Audrey Wilson in GA!

"Purple Girl" is the smallest baby in Patty's litter.

Another picture of Patty's Female #2

SOLD - PATTY'S AKC FEMALE #3 - "RED GIRL" - $1500.00 - She's going to Sue Bruder-Mattson in GA!

This beautiful girl is a dark red girl and is very sweet!

Another picture of Patty's Female #3

NOT AVAILABLE - PATTY'S AKC FEMALE #4 - "TEAL GIRL" - $1500.00 - She's staying here with me!

This gorgeous girl is all about prancing around!

Another picture of Patty's Female #4

SOLD - PATTY'S AKC FEMALE #5 - "WHITE GIRL" - $1500.00 - She's being held for Ash Parsons!

This lighter girl (most likely an apricot) is also one of the bigger girls in the litter.

Another picture of Patty's Female #5

My merle girl, Scrabble, went to school with me this year! She enjoyed all the hugs and kisses from the kids!

One of our past blue merle parti babies!

Playtime is very important!

One of Blue & Aztec's past puppies!

Our puppies are kid-friendly and kid-tested - haha! This is our granddaughter, Grae, playing with one of Blue and Aztec's past black boys...

A sweet kiss from Tizzy!

Personality is so important, so socialization and playtime are #1 at our house!

Jett is enjoying himself at his new home with the Langford family!

One of Pandie's past pups - Adorable!