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New pics of Phannie & Rex's Poodle babies taken on 1/3/18!  

Phannie & Rex are the proud parents of 4 adorable babies born on 11/21/17 and will be ready for their new homes on 1/16/17.  You can see a picture of Rex on our "Our Poodles" page, and Phannie is pictured below.  She is a larger Toy Poodle, and Rex is a smaller Miniature Poodle.  They are CKC registered and health guaranteed.  More pics available upon request.

All of our Merle Poodles are on a spay and neuter contract.  

SOLD - PHANNIE'S CKC FEMALE #1 - $800.00 - This adorable girl is a very nice black parti! She is as sweet as she looks! Pics taken on 1/3/18. Shes going to John Hannum in FL!

What a beautiful girl! Her nose will fill in completely black soon!

As you can tell, taking pictures is a little difficult with her around! haha

SOLD - PHANNIE'S CKC MALE #1 - $800.00 - This beautiful black parti boy is a real beauty! Pics taken on 1/3/18. He's going to Bob and Jane Solomon in FL!

"Pepper" is prancing around!

He's such a handsome little guy!

SOLD PHANNIE'S CKC MALE #2 - $700.00 - This cute little boy does have a slight tint of brown in his black coat - Gorgeous baby! Pics taken on 1/3/18. Hes going to Troy and Robin Parker in FL!

This little man is all over the place now - He has a wonderful personality!

He may the smallest, but he doesn't think so!

SOLD - PHANNIE'S CKC MALE #3 - $800.00 - This little guy is a tri-parti (black/tan/white)! I just love this little man! Pics taken on 1/3/18. He's going to Steve Liss in NJ!

This little boy is such a playful, handsome fellow!

Looks like he found a good place to relax!

This sweet merle poodle boy went to Delicia in Canada!

Kay and Little Ray's puppies are so cute!

Pretty little Phannie loving on her baby!

Filip & Mari are now spoiling this boy!

This pretty merle girl went to Rada in MA!

A lot of determination goes a long way!

This beautiful merle parti boy went to Larry in SC!

Veronica in FL is now enjoying this sweet girl!

I love to watch them all play! They always have such a big time!

One of Blue & Aztec's past puppies!

Our puppies are kid-friendly and kid-tested - haha! This is our granddaughter, Grae, playing with one of Blue and Aztec's past black boys...

A sweet kiss from Tizzy!

Personality is so important, so socialization and playtime are #1 at our house!

Princess has the sweetest babies! Check out this tiny girl!

One of Pandie's past pups - Adorable!