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Posted on 9/8/23!

DOODLE & BIG DADDY are the proud parents of 6 beautiful babies - 3 girls and 3 boys!  They were born on 7/25/23, so they will be ready to go home around 9/25/23!  Their parents can be seen at the bottom of this page! The babies are color-coded with collars. NOW TAKING DEPOSITS!

Toy Poodles measure 10" and below (from the top of the shoulders to the ground), and although they are measured by their height, they usually weigh between 4-9 pounds.  Miniature Poodles stand above 10" and up to 15" tall (from top of shoulders to the ground) and usually weigh between 10-17 pounds.  

These babies are AKC or CKC registered (on a spay/neuter contract) and will be vet checked, up-to-date with puppy shots and dewormings, and health guaranteed.  A vet reference is required before purchase.  You will receive your puppy's AKC or CKC registration papers AFTER proof is given that he/she has been altered within 8 months from date of birth. 

"HOLDING" means the puppy is on hold for someone, and the deposit is on the way.  "PENDING" means that someone on the waiting list is considering the puppy.  "AVAILABLE" means that the puppy is still available.  "SOLD" means the $200 deposit has been received, and the puppy is no longer available.

AVAILABLE - DOODLE'S CKC MINIATURE MERLE POODLE MALE #1 - "BLUE BOY" - $1400.00: This beautiful boy is a blue merle with white markings!

I love the sock-looking white markings on Doodle's BLUE BOY'S legs!

Another pic of this Doodle's BLUE BOY!

SOLD - DOODLE'S CKC MERLE POODLE MALE #2 - "BLACK BOY" - $1600.00: This handsome boy is a rare chocolate merle parti with hazel eyes! He's going to Michele D. in SC!

A profile pic of BLACK BOY. He has the neatest pattern!

Ready or not, HERE I COME!

AVAILABLE - DOODLE'S CKC MINIATURE PARTI POODLE MALE #3 - "GREEN BOY" - $1200.00: This baby boy is a gorgeous chocolate parti! He's a natural baller like his parents!

Doodle's GREEN BOY showing off his gorgeous markings!

GREEN BOY contemplating what life was before he found this ball!

AVAILABLE - DOODLE'S CKC MINIATURE POODLE FEMALE #1 - "YELLOW GIRL" - $1200.00: This precious princess is a black parti. She has a sweet and gentle temperament!

"Hmm, I haven't seen this one before...it smells NEW!" - Doodle's YELLOW GIRL

Another photo of YELLOW GIRL. She is such a cutie!

SOLD - DOODLE'S CKC MINIATURE MERLE POODLE FEMALE #2 - "PINK GIRL" - $1400.00: This baby girl is a blue merle parti! I love her one black ear! She's going to Deborah C. in GA!

Doodle's PINK GIRL loves to play!

I love how Doodle's PINK GIRL hops with excitement! She's precious!

AVAILABLE - DOODLE'S CKC CONFETTI POODLE FEMALE #3 - "PURPLE GIRL" - $1400.00: This precious girl is also a blue merle parti with partial blue eyes! She is the smallest of the litter.

Doodle's PURPLE GIRL wants to experience ALL the toys - all at once!

This little girl is estimated to be a Toy or very small Miniature Poodle!

"Gap's Big Daddy" isn't that "big" at all! I thought the cute name fit him so well, since he believes he is everything to everyone all the time! He weighs only 8.5 pounds! He is a very proud first-time dad!

Although she is named "Doodle", she is definitely the "Poodle" that everyone wants when they come over! What a beautiful girl!

Two of Tulip's past red babies!

One of Rex's past poodle pups - Benji!

Teddy just turned 1! He is the son of Ruby and Harry!

Another one of our past Poodle babies!


"A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal,

but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel."

Proverbs 12:10