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2 BOYS and 1 GIRL available!  Now taking deposits!

ROTEL & GOOSE are the proud parents of 6 beautiful Havachon babies - 2 boys and 4 girls! They were born on 7/27/23, so they will be ready to go home around 9/21/23! These babies are color-coded with collars and already microchipped!  

Havachons are wonderful little dogs, and they are very similar to the Havapoos.  They are hypoallergenic, sweet natured, smart, and very outgoing! They are the perfect compact companion! 

All of our Havachons are CKC registered and are $1000 each.  All of my puppies are vet checked, up-to-date with puppy shots and dewormings, and health guaranteed.

"HOLDING" means the puppy is on hold for someone, and the deposit is on the way.  "PENDING" means that someone is considering the puppy.  "AVAILABLE" means that the puppy is still available.  "SOLD" means the $200 deposit has been received, and the puppy is no longer available.

AVAILABLE - ROTEL'S CKC HAVACHON MALE #1 - "BLUE BOY": This beautiful baby is a black boy with white markings on his chin, head, and feet!

Rotel's BLUE BOY hanging out with his favorite brother, GREEN BOY!

Does anyone else run at you with this much excitement? BLUE BOY will!

AVAILABLE - ROTEL'S CKC HAVACHON MALE #2 - "GREEN BOY": This little guy is also black with white markings on his chest, feet, and tail!

GREEN BOY being his cute curious self!

"What do you mean I'm not supposed to have this?!"

SOLD - ROTEL'S CKC HAVACHON FEMALE #1- "WHITE GIRL": This adorable baby is a gorgeous tri-color girl. She is primarily black and white with tan throughout! She's going to Renee S. in GA!

I love the placement of Rotel's WHITE GIRL's white markings! Neato!

"Who me? I'm not doing anything suspicious!" - Rotel's WHITE GIRL

SOLD - ROTEL'S CKC HAVACHON FEMALE #2 - "TEAL GIRL": This sweet girl is a rare wolf sable, meaning she sable with gray undertones! She may lighten up some as she ages. She’s going to Katelyn B. In GA!

"Oh I see, you're holding out on me! There are more toys in here!"

Another picture of this beautiful baby! Rotel's TEAL GIRL.

SOLD - ROTEL'S CKC HAVACHON FEMALE #3 - "PINK GIRL": This pretty princess is black with white markings on her chest, feet, and tail! She's going to Laura & Hugh O. in GA!

Rotel's sweet PINK GIRL loves exploring the tunnel.

Even the camera can't catch her tail wagging that fast! Must be a happy girl!

SOLD - ROTEL'S CKC HAVACHON FEMALE #4 - "PURPLE GIRL": This precious babe is also a wolf sable! She has darker markings on her face than her sister, but she will also lighten up as she gets older. She’s going to Jessica P. In GA! She will be her second puppy from the Gap!

Rotel's PURPLE GIRL is one pretty pup!

This little girl can be found with a toy in her mouth 99% of the time. So stinking cute!

Meet "Rotel" (Gap's Rotel It On The Mountain")! This little bubbly lady is the mother of the Havachons - She is our AKC/CKC Havanese girl.

Meet "Goose" (Gap's Good for the Goose)! He is the proud daddy and is our outgoing, "never meets a stranger", CKC Bichon Frise guy!

One of our past Havachon pups! This precious girl is Bailey! She lives with Jimmy B. in GA!

The Mullinax family sent me this picture of little Lilo, one of Grits' and Tango's past puppies!

This is Lilo when she turned 1 - She weighs 12 lbs. now.

Just look at those eyelashes! This girl belongs to the Beckwith family now - "Bunny" is one of Grits' and Tango's past babies!

This is one of Grits' and Tango's past puppies - Her name is Ruthie. You can see her updated picture to the right! Since she was sable, she did lighten up to a precious color!

Ruthie is enjoying the good life with the Hanley family! She likes to clown around and hang out with her Havapoo friend, Andy!

"And God saw every thing that He had made,

and, behold, it was very good."

Genesis 1:31